A New Composite Siding From CertainTeed Combines An Authentic Cedar Look With Lightweight Durability.

CertainTeed has introduced Icon, a new composite siding combining an authentic cedar look with lightweight durability. The premium cladding features a natural texture molded from real cedar plank and a design engineered to withstand the elements for many years to come.

In addition to its authentic visual appeal, Icon siding offers a high level of moisture resistance. A thermoset polyurethane composite, the cladding is engineered to prevent expansion and contraction, minimizing water absorption.

The 16-foot-long panels are lighter and more flexible than fiber cement or natural wood, according to the firm. They can be fastened to a structure and butted tightly together in fewer steps — and fewer hours — than standard panel installation by flashing and caulking requires.

Up to five planks can be carried at once, and several planks can be cut simultaneously, the company says. Further, CertainTeed’s STUDfinder feature allows installers to quickly and accurately locate wall studs.

A Stack Lock feature ensures each plank is hung for optimal wind load performance. In addition, the 7-inch reveal and hidden fastener system conceals nail heads to maintain a clean and seamless exterior.

“Homeowners will love Icon’s rich texture, wide flat face and highly defined shadow lines,” says Kelly Warren, CertainTeed marketing manager. “Building professionals will appreciate its light weight, easy installation and proprietary features that take the guesswork out of the equation.”

Icon panels come primed and ready to paint in a wide range of color options and with a 30-year product warranty.




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