Australia’s Leading Online Book Retailer Modernizes Warehouse with Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced Booktopia’s deployment of Zebra’s TC8000 touch mobile computers to increase the productivity and accuracy of its warehouse operations.


As Australia’s leading online book retailer, Booktopia dispatches more than 3.3 million parcels annually to its customers across Australia and New Zealand. During peak periods, the online retailer has shipped 41,800 units in a day. Booktopia’s technology decisions are focused entirely on enabling it to efficiently ship a high volume of books from its warehouse to fulfill orders and maintain outstanding customer service.


“With work shifts stretching up to four consecutive hours per shift, our front-line workers need mobile computers with a dependable battery life and scanning accuracy,” said Tim Rimington, Infrastructure Manager at Booktopia. “Additionally, we need mobile computers that are rugged, lightweight, ergonomically-designed and easy-to-use. We are delighted that Zebra’s mobile computing solution has fulfilled all these requirements.”


“Thanks to the Zebra TC8000, our warehouse operational productivity and accuracy have significantly increased. Its robust design makes it less prone to damage and repairs, which adds to our overall productivity. The AndroidTM-powered TC8000 also requires minimal training time based on its familiar user-interface, thereby maximizing our return on investment”, added Rimington.


As Booktopia’s previous devices were powered by Windows CE mobile technology, they were exposed to potential data security risks because the extended support of Windows Embedded and Mobile OS is no longer available. The switch to the Android-powered Zebra mobile computers has helped to mitigate these risks.


“According to Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study, forward-thinking companies like Booktopia are turning to technology to cope with the growth of the on-demand economy,” said Tom Christodoulou, Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand, Zebra Technologies. “Up to 77% of them agree that equipping their workers with technology is the best way to introduce automation in the warehouse.”


Booktopia worked with Zebra’s Premier partner, Skywire, which provided overall support from the preliminary research to identify the right solution to the technology deployment.




  • Zebra’s solution has enhanced the productivity and accuracy of Booktopia’s warehouse operations, which has translated into significant operational efficiency.
  • By leveraging on Zebra’s TC8000, Booktopia joins the 77% of forward-thinking companies that are equipping their workers with technology to achieve better results.
  • Zebra’s solution effectively transitions Booktopia’s warehouse operations from Windows CE mobile technology to Android OS, which reduces training time and potential data security risks.



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