Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.1 Released

Autodesk recently released Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.1 on August 17th, 2020. Project Explorer, an all-in-one hub for managing the staggering volume of design data in Civil 3D models will be available with this release. This new extension to Civil 3D provides users with a significantly simpler way to gain a better understanding of their design and to more efficiently control the distribution of geometric information to project stakeholders.

With Project Explorer, users can:

  • Simplify project data navigation, review, and design model editing.
  • More easily discover and evaluate design criteria warnings to help meet design standards.
  • Efficiently generate custom reports and tables that help meet delivery requirements.

Project Explorer capabilities include powerful report and table generation, enhanced editing and design review tools, and much more:

  • Review one’s Civil 3D design model through a tabbed series of object lists, profile and section views, parameter lists, and many other design review tools.
  • Double-click any highlighted parameter to directly edit one’s design.
  • Validate one’s design using an extensive range of dynamic tooltips that reveal portions of the model which may not meet design specifications.
  • Automate the production of user-configurable reports, spreadsheets, dynamic tables, and AutoCAD drawings from any part of one’s Civil 3D model.



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