DuPont To Expand Global Capacity Of Nomex Paper

DuPont, makers of Nomex®, announced that it will significantly expand in global capacity for DuPont™ Nomex® paper. This investment directly supports our continued commitment of increasing and sustaining reliability of supply to better meet the growing needs of the aerospace, automotive and electrical infrastructure markets. This capacity expansion will be created through a joint venture partnership with Nippon Paper Papylia. The Papylia manufacturing facility will be located in Yufutsu, Japan, with commercial production beginning in 2021.

“Nomex® delivers unparalleled protection to millions of people and critical processes around the world and empowering endless possibilities,” said John Richard, Global Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Safety & Construction. “DuPont is committed to creating sustainable innovations to help our customers and the world thrive.  Increasing our global supply to address the growing market is just one example of how we are delivering on our commitments.”

Demand for solutions based on Nomex® is being driven by innovation and growth trends in auto electrification, energy decarbonization, thermal protection and light weighting.

Nomex® paper is a key enabling technology in automotive electrification, insulating millions of xEV electric drive motors globally, while also protecting critical components within the power electronics and battery systems. The quality and consistency of Nomex®, combined with its superior mechanical and electrical properties make it the product of choice for global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  By enabling safer energy storage systems, electric motor efficiency and charging station safety, Nomex® paper helps our customers better meet their innovation and sustainability goals.

In paper and pressboard form, Nomex® addresses the diverse demands of the electrical industry.  Its inherent flame resistance combined with high levels of electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity make Nomex® ideally suited for a broad range of electrical insulation applications. Nomex® based designs support the ever-increasing need for reliability in demanding environments – while supporting market growth in renewable energy sources, grid resilience and data centers.

Lightweight composites made of Nomex® paper can be found in a wide range of aerospace applications, including cabin floors, overhead bins and bulkheads, landing gear doors and more.  The inherent flame resistance, lightweight strength and durability of honeycomb composites made of Nomex® paper help enable weight reductions which lead to more efficient fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.  These solutions have been a critical component of the interior and exterior structure of commercial airplanes for more than 50 years.

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