Electric Traction Motors From MAHLE—Scalable And Zeroemissions

MAHLE offers traction motors in voltages ranging from 48 to 800 volts, with high power density, a robust design, and optimized cooling. At high power densities and speeds, MAHLE’s wideranging expertise in thermal management is especially effective. MAHLE is continuously developing new technologies to further increase the long-term performance of the motors.

MAHLE traction motors are also available in various designs, thus guaranteeing optimal packaging. They cover a performance range of up to 250 kilowatts.

Up to 40 kilowatts for 48-volt applications

The replacement of the 12-volt electrical system by a 48-volt system is already underway for passenger cars. This means that MAHLE 48-volt drive motors are now not only suitable for urban mobility applications, but also for heavy vehicles. It will thus be possible to use 48-volt drives in high-performance or heavy vehicles—e.g., as a mild hybrid—in the future. The major advantage is that the 48-volt drives remain below the voltage limit of 60 volts, eliminating the need for various safety precautions and complicated connector plugs. The costs for the motor and power electronics can also be reduced by about 25 percent in comparison with a high-voltage solution. To further expand the range of application of 48-volt systems, MAHLE has developed a traction motor that has an output of up to 40 kilowatts and is thus able to deliver up to 80 kilowatts to the wheels from a drive unit consisting of two motors.

Two-wheeler drive motors from MAHLE for scooters or pedelecs

With integrated high-energy permanent magnets and low-loss materials, two-wheeler drive motors from MAHLE power scooters or pedelecs at over 90 percent efficiency. The motor torque characteristics are especially suitable for direct-belt drive applications and for various transmission solutions. The inverters used achieve an efficiency of 97 percent, are able to regenerate, and, thanks to their field-oriented vector controls, ensure dynamic and quiet driving behavior with maximum efficiency. They are ideal for applications in which space, weight, and efficiency are of high relevance.

Lifestyle meets performance – MAHLE in the pedelec

With the acquisition of ebikemotion® , MAHLE has continued to grow in all areas relating to compact and lightweight rear wheel hub motors, batteries, electronic control units, and other pedelec components that can be integrated unobtrusively into the bicycle. The hardware is supplemented by an integrated connectivity solution featuring mobile and web-based apps. The MAHLE ebikemotion® system is particularly suitable for use in lightweight racing bikes, gravel bikes, and city bikes.



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