More than 500,000 Mercedes me Adapters Activated

Since 2016, Mercedes-Benz has been offering its customers the option of equipping as yet unconnected vehicles from older model series dating back to 2002 with the Mercedes me Adapter. Connecting the adapter with a smartphone means that connectivity services are no longer solely reserved to customers buying new cars. More than half a million vehicles worldwide have been equipped with the adapter to date.


The 500,000th adapter was activated in Malaysia. Vehicles retrofitted with the adapter are now on the roads in a total of 33 markets in Europe and the Asian/Pacific region. With Estonia, Lithuania and Cyprus, three more markets will be added this year.


Since August this year, customers have had the option of installing the adapter in their Mercedes-Benz cars on their own and without visiting a certified service partner. A self-service installation process in the app guides the user through the individual steps. This makes the activation possible in a matter of minutes.


The activation requires the installation of the Mercedes me Adapter, a Mercedes me user account and a connection with the Mercedes me Adapter App. Information is read out from the vehicle and uploaded in the app via Bluetooth.


The app offers Mercedes-Benz owners various functions from four central areas: my vehicle, mobility, statistics and service.


The integrated gas station and parking space finder is among the most commonly used features, with customers accessing this function an average of 150,000 times a week. This function shows gas stations in the surrounding area together with their fuel prices and opening hours, and indicates available parking spaces at nearby car parks, including parking costs.


Another popular function is the telediagnostics, via which the app outputs a warning message to alert the user directly to any malfunctions or problems relating to the vehicle. On their smartphone, customers can keep an eye on everything—from low oil level through low battery voltage to critical tire pressure. The app informs the dealer automatically when a service is due. Customers can book an appointment online in the app and contact their service partner and a 24-hour hotline directly on the phone or by email as well.


In addition to features on everyday topics such as parking, refuelling and navigation, the Mercedes me Adapter App also provides information on the vehicle and services for the owner.


Factors such as fuel level, engine oil and coolant temperature, engine load and intake temperature are depicted in what is known as the Cockpit. The individual driving style is analyzed via the Driver Score feature. This documents the driver’s acceleration and braking behavior to enable comfortable and economical driving.


Previous journeys and refueling stops can be viewed in the Statistics area—the list is exportable and can serve as a basis for creating a log. The app reminds the user automatically when the tire pressure or oil level need a checking or when the next service is due, indicating the remaining time and mileage.

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