New Genie® High Float And Trax™ Booms Perform On Sensitive Turf

– Designed to perform in sensitive ground conditions, such as sand and turf, Genie® High Float (HF) and TraX™ boom lifts offer productive machine performance on soft or delicate surfaces. To meet market demand, new models have been added to the Genie product line-up, including the Genie Z®-45 HF, S®-40 HF, S-45 HF, S-60 HF and S-65 HF booms, as well as the
Genie S-40 TraX, S-45 TraX, S-60 TraX and S-65 TraX machines. All of these new Genie models are based on the design and engineering of the Genie Xtra Capacity™ (XC™) booms, complying with the platform load sensing requirements and terrain sensing guidelines in the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards. These new Genie HF and TraX booms are now available in North America and will be available in select regions of the EMEAR market (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) in 2020, pending CE certification
and country-specific regulations approval. “Our goal with the design of these new Genie models is to enhance operators’ productivity on soft or delicate ground surfaces,” says Marie Engstrom, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “These new boom models deliver extra capacity capabilities with increased performance in sensitive ground conditions, which translates to fewer lift cycles, less equipment needed to get tools and materials to work areas at height and the ability to work on jobsites where regular rough terrain machines do not perform.” Model specifications All new Genie HF models offer a lift capacity of 600-lb (272 kg) unrestricted, giving customers the ability to work with two people onboard while still leaving room for tools and jobsite materials. In addition, the new Genie S-60 HF and 65 HF models offer operators the ability to utilize a 1,000-lb (454 kg) restricted capacity, expanding these machines’ working envelope. The new Genie TraX models offer 660-lb (272 kg) unrestricted and 1,000-lb (454 kg) restricted dual lift capacity.

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