New Kingspan Website Places Insulation Answers At Your Fingertips

Kingspan Insulation has launched its new website featuring a free learning centre — Kingspan Insight — providing instant answers and advice on a wide range of insulation-related queries: from explaining terms such as R-values, to how to install the right insulation for a particular application. Kingspan Insulation has launched a new website with a dedicated online learning centre: Kingspan Insight. Kingspan Insight can be accessed at The online knowledge base is designed to cater for a range of knowledge levels and abilities. Bite-sized “How To” guides, supported with animations, clearly show the correct ways to handle and install insulation in different areas of a property. Regular technical articles and advice pieces will help to break-down key industry issues and tackle more unusual problems, like how to deal with bats in an attic.

Multi-unit courses are also provided for users looking to gain a greater understanding of topics like the current Building Regulation and Standards. The courses are broken down into short modules presented through videos, articles and quizzes. Registered user’s progress is automatically saved from module-to-module, allowing users to quickly pick up where they left off on any computer, tablet or mobile device. The modules have a clear estimated time and are short enough to allow them to be completed during a lunch break or in the morning commute. Registered users will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course.

The wider Kingspan Insulation site has also been completely redesigned with an intuitive layout, making it incredibly easy to identify the best product for each job. Key product information such as facings, thermal conductivity and BRE Green Guide ratings are all clearly highlighted for at-a-glance reference along with links to relevant case studies, guidance documents, certifications and freely downloadable BIM objects.


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