Quick And Compact Asphalt Solution With Bobcat Loaders

Girona-based ConstruccionesBagudanch Serra has purchased the first new Bobcat soil and asphalt spreader attachment in Spain. Mounted on the company’s Bobcat T650 compact track loader, the new soil and asphalt spreader provides the solution ConstruccionesBagudanch Serra has been looking for, as an alternative to laying asphalt by hand.

The new soil and asphalt spreader has an operating weight of 675 kg and a standard operating width of 190 cm or optional width of 196 cm. Designed to save time and labour costs, the Bobcat soil and asphalt spreader can be used to lay asphalt and other materials to create pavements; to widen and repair existing roads; to backfill, pave over and cover trenches and to lay sub-base materials.

Thanks to its offset feature, the new attachment can also lay asphalt without the loader needing to pass over the spread material – thus ensuring an unblemished and smoother finish.

Over 30 Years in the Construction Sector

ConstruccionesBagudanch Serra is a family business headquartered in Vilobíd’Onyar (Girona), with extensive experience from over 30 years in the construction sector, working on behalf of both private and public sector customers. The founders of the company have always been committed to using the most modern machinery in order to improve productivity and optimize resources.

“The new Bobcat soil and asphalt spreader has already saved us a lot of time, increased profitability and above all has improved the quality of the finish,“ says Managing Director, David Bagudanch. “It is also simple to operate and allows the work to be done with fewer operators.”

The new attachment works with an average working speed of 50-120 m/min, requiring an oil flow of 45 l/min and an operating pressure of 250 bar. It offers manually adjustable thickness of layer materials from 0-100 mm and for a perfect finish, it has hydraulic side shift and adjustable side wings to guide materials. The soil and asphalt spreader also has a lockable, floating transverse tilt up to 5° to compensate for sloping terrain.

David Bagudanch added: “Since we took delivery of the new attachment, we have carried out work to replace deteriorated asphalt surfaces on streets and housing estates with very good results. The compact size of the equipment allows it to be used in areas such as gated communities, without having to close off access and use of local roads.

“The advantage offered by the Bobcat T650 compact track loader in tandem with the soil and asphalt attachment is that you do not have to limit yourself to just carrying out a single task such as spreading asphalt on public and private roads and to carry out road repairs.”

The spreader is easy to use, clean and look after, with a simple design that is key to the low maintenance requirements for the attachment, increasing uptime, consistency and providing more time on the job. The new attachment also provides comfort and productivity with a relatively low weight for transport purposes and maximum efficiency due to a much more compact design compared to that of larger, dedicated machines for spreading soil or asphalt.

David Bagudanch said: “I chose this attachment because I trust Bobcat and Bobcat Of (the Authorised Dealer in my area). I can confirm that the manoeuvrability of the loader-attachment combination is very good, even in limited space. The soil and asphalt spreader is also easy to mount and dismount thanks to the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment system.

“Bobcat has a Plug&Play system that means that the attachments arrive ready to mount on the loader without having to do any additional work. The attachment also has an ACD (Attachment Control Device) that communicates with the Bobcat loader and when it is connected, it is automatically recognized and the machine is set up appropriately.

“I got to know about this new attachment through the dealer who periodically informs us of the latest news at the brand. Our next investment will be the Bobcat remote control system to be able to remotely control machines and their attachments on site.”


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