Ultra-Shallow Work With Discs And Tines

Lower rainfall levels and the resulting drier conditions require farmers to rethink their work, including with regard to stubble cultivation. Right after the harvest is the time for establishing a sound foundation from which the next crop can develop optimally.

It is becoming more and more important to loosen the soil across the full surface, at the shallowest possible working depth, to disrupt capillary action. This helps protect the water balance and thus saves valuable moisture in the soil for subsequent crops. At the same time, the soil, including harvest residue, needs to be loosened to ensure that volunteer cereals and weed seeds emerge evenly.

Conventional shallow cultivators with duck-foot shares penetrate the soil poorly, especially in dry conditions, and they wear quickly. This is where the LEMKEN Koralin 9 breaks new ground, as the soil is thoroughly broken up by rolling rather than rigid tools. This implement features two rows of vertically operating discs ahead of the horizontally acting tines to divide the soil and cut organic residue. Cuts are made just ahead of the tips and sides of the DeltaCut shares. This ensures that the tine section penetrates the soil more easily and works without blockages at all times. As a result, the shares wear less quickly and have a service life that is three times as long.

The 38 cm-wide DeltaCut tines are arranged symmetrically in three rows with a 30-cm line distance and an overlap of 4.0 cm each. They are attached to the main frame via a spring-loaded overload element, which provides for the necessary horizontal and vertical stability to ensure that the shares work consistently across the full surface. At working depths of 2 to a maximum of 10 cm, the shares undercut the roots of stubble, volunteer cereals and weeds horizontally like a knife. This makes the Koralin 9 ideal for a work process of repeated, extensive cutting at a slightly increased working depth each time. Carbide-coated shares are optionally available for an even longer service life. These minimise wear costs and extend maintenance intervals during the main season.

Gauge wheels on the implement control the depth of this hybrid cultivator with superior precision. The roller can therefore be replaced by a harrow with multiple rows for even more effective control of emerging volunteer cereals and weeds.


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